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“Smashing The Worlds Conception Of Economics; Bringing Into Alignment God’s Market-Place”

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 We are set upon breaking the mis-conceptions, mis-education, & mismanagement of the World’s Systems; bringing into alignment The Kingdom Market-Place NOW through: Sustainable/ Garden Living, Worship, Obedience, Order, Ethics, Work

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Optimal Cellular E.M.S.

This is an awesome new product developed by Dr. William Emanuel of The People Of color Training Institute based in York Pennsylvania. These ‘Cellular Foods” come in capsules …. (Click icon to learn more)

Dr. E-Man

Dr. Emanuel is a leader in sustainability. The doctor now shares his revelation with us in the field of electricity. The doctor’s motto: “We are Electrical beings” (click icon to learn more)

Knew Start Living

Teaching you how to jointly fit into the body of Christ through the 9 Laws of health/sustainable Living. Foundation Scripture :Ephesians 4:16 16 He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. …(click icon to read more)

Spirit Ink

We are an early stage media company. We provide or connect you with the best people in the business. From editors to caterers; key grips to directors. We going to make your vision come to life and at a reasonable price