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Help bring Christology to India. When we help a Pastor in India with a book purchase at the discounted price of $10, we are helping with the shipping and costs of the books and to bring much needed funds to the area. Click the book to be re-directed



 Currently we are selling bake goods as a fund raiser to enable the youths of the Cumberland oaks area in St. Mary’s Georgia to buy them socks, underwear, tees bras and at least 2 back to school outfits. Those kids we work with are very eloquent of speech, have product knowledge, & most of all They have learned not to do anything without praying 1st. What was birthed and is still going strong from the prayers and efforts of these kids is seeding. They have agreed to seed to the children of India for the Sept/Oct Journey to deliver India a portion of their proceeds as well.

Right now in Saint Mary’s Georgia, there a a band of kids with nothing to do except get into easy trouble. You know the kind, it’s hard to get out of but you seemed to slip right into! Yeah so help these kids and buy some baked goods, candies or simply donate. Your donations help them get uniforms to work in; They are future sales men so they earn money to save up for holidays and back to school. They are taught how to bake. The mathematics behind their pay, example what portion they get every time they sell a book or treat.We teach them to dress the part, they are future Ambassadors of The Kingdom of God correct! Khaki pants and Blue shirts (varies for climate) with Logo, and a badge with their pictures and where to return (my office) if badge is misplaced, is the standard when we kick off the fall season for fund raising.

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