What is Yah’s Manna?

Excellence In Fund Raising

Yah”s Manna is the fund raiser division of Manna-Fest-InC. We raise funds for our main ministry as well as the sub ministries within.
We make THE MOST EXCELLENT desserts and baked goods for sale Not YET a bakery, thus we are not allowed to ship out side of the state of Georgia 🙁
Giving  kids the opportunity to make spending money the honest way. This opportunity offer the children the chance to learn small business arena’s such as marketing, graphic design, Kingdom ethics in business, communications, and much much more
This project is constantly undergoing improvements as we live in a changing world!
For more information or to donate or help.

All proceeds are distributed to the ministries of:
Sons of God Embassy, 500 E. King St. Kingsland Ga. 31558,
The Faith of Jesus Center 250 Westwood Dr. York, PA 17404,
KnewStart Living Saint Mary’s Ga.31558